NameArabic NameTransliterationIsolatedInitialMedialFinalPronunciation
ʾalifأَلِفā / ʾ (also â )car, cat
thāʾثَاءth (also ṯ )ثثــثــثthink
jīmجِيمj (also ǧ )ججــجــجgem
ḥāʾحَاءḥ (also ḩ )ححــحــحguttural h like "heart"
khāʾخَاءkh (also ḫ, ḵ, ẖ )خخــخــخScottish: loch
dhālذَالdh (also ḏ )ذذـذـذthat
rāʾرَاءrررـرـرSpanish: perro
zāy / zaynزَايzززـزـزzebra
shīnشِينsh (also š )ششــشــشshin
ṣādصَادṣ (also ş )صصــصــصlike "sauce" with the throat constricted
ḍādضَادḍ (also ḑ )ضضــضــضlike "dawn" with the throat constricted
ṭāʾطَاءṭ (also ţ )ططــطــطlike "stall" with the throat constricted
ẓāʾظَاءẓ (also z̧ )ظظــظــظlike "father" with the throat constricted
ʿaynعَيْنʿععــعــعguttural h like "heart"
ghaynغَيْنgh (also ġ, ḡ )غغــغــغSpanish: higo
qāfقَافqققــقــقlike "caught" pronounced in the back of the mouth.
kāfكَافkككــكـ ـكcap
wāwوَاوw / ū / ∅ووـوـوwet, pool
yāʾيَاءy / īييــيــيYoshi, meet
hamzahهَمْزةʾءءءءa glottal stop like "uh-oh"
ʾalif hamzahأَلِف هَمْزةʾأإـأـإa glottal stop like "uh-oh"
wāw hamzahوَاو هَمْزةʾؤؤـؤـؤa glottal stop like "uh-oh"
yāʾ hamzahيَاء هَمْزةʾئئــئــئa glottal stop like "uh-oh"
ʾalif maddahأَلِف مَدَّةʾāآآـآـآ

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